External Fire Fighting Systems

  • Pumps

    External Fire Fighting System pumps are provide a unique combination of high performance in relation with weight and dimensions. The pumps are designed as single stage volute casing horizontal centrifugal with close impeller and end suction/top discharge flange positioned. The horizontal double suction split case type centrifugal pumps are also available for higher capacities


    We provide pump capacities according to IACS Classification rules for Fi-Fi 1, Fi-Fi 2, Fi-Fi 3 applications. The capacity ranges of the pumps are between 100 m³/h to 2800 m³/h


    Pump casing material is Nodular Cast Iron (GGG40) as standard and inside of casing is coated by based on epoxy paint for sea & salt water resistance & corrosion. Bronze (CuSn10Ni) casing is also available depends on customer’s specification.


    Marine Class Certification and approvals are available according to customer’s demand or request.

  • Step-Up Gear Boxes

    Single Input/Single Output, Single Input/Double Output Step-up Gear Boxes are available and hydraulic operated built-in clutches are installed to Step-up Gear Box. Fire pumps can integrate on Step-up Gear Boxes in order to reduce dimensions of the units. Vertical or horizontal shaft offsets can select according to customer’s specifications.


    Wide ranges of Step-up Gear Boxes are available for FI-FI 1, FI-FI 2 and FI-FI 3 applications. All step-up gear boxes are able to delivery with Marine Class Certifications/Approvals according to customer’s demand or request.

  • Hydraulic Clutches with HPU Drives

    Hydraulic actuated clutch and flexible coupling combination can be used as a compact unit when main engine of the vessel and pump speed are same. The clutch unit will be fully integrated with pump and resulting very compact design.


    The hydraulic power unit is specially designed for clutch drives.

  • Highly Flexible Couplings

    PTO Couplings are a highly-flexible rubber coupling with linear characteristic, in particular suitable for Diesel-Engine drives. The series covers a nominal torque range between 1150 Nm and 20000 Nm; all kind of PTO connections can make according to specification.

  • Fire Monitors

    Fire monitors designed for marine external fire-fighting systems and fixed mounting on pipe end. The monitors optimized to delivery of water with full flow and/or foam with reduced flow capacity to throw solid jet and fog which is spray pattern. The monitor rotations and the other operations are controlled by the individual electric motors as well as electric actuators for remote control. In addition to this the movements can be operated by manually. Electro hydraulic operated monitors are also available.


    The capacity range of monitors are between 100 m³/h to 2400 m³/h.


    All monitors have type approval certificate by the IACS classification society.

  • Control Systems; Main Control Cabinet

    The EFF Control System is design based on PLC to control of all equipment’s (valves, clutches, monitors etc.) in a sequence by remotely. The system is designed and manufactured for marine external fire fighting systems.

  • Control Systems; Remote Control Panel

    Remote Control Panel is designed as flush mounted on wheel house control console and the system can control from the unit completely.

  • Control Systems; Portable Remote Control Panel

    Portable remote control panel is an option. There is two possibility designed as cabled remote control delivered with 15 m cable or radio remote control depends on customer’s demand and request.

  •  Foam Systems; Around Pump Inductors

    The Around Pump Inductor is a foam concentrate proportioning unit that called PI is connected in a bypass between the pressure and suction side of the fire pump. PI has an adjustable between 0-6% and foam concentrate suction capacity up to 680 lpm.

  •  Foam Systems; Foam Liquid Pump and Balanced Pressure Proportioner

    The Balanced Pressure Proportioner that called PP makes foam concentrate in to the water feed line and it has wide range foam concentrate suction capacity. The proportioning can adjusted at site.


    The foam concentrate is supplied to proportioner by a pump. The type of pump is vertical, multi-stage in-line centrifugal pump and the material of it made by stainless steel which is resistance to foam liquid.

  • Water Spray Systems

    Complete flow calculation and design of the water spray systems carried out and submitting all documentation to Marine Classification Society for Approval. The system can designed based on 10 lpm   or 5 lpm  per square meter flow capacity of vertical areas according to general arrangement of the vessel.

Helideck Foam System

Helideck Foam System cabinet designed for helicopter deck foam protection systems according to IACS classification societies. It has a very compact dimensions and very easy installation. Main steel structure is produce by stainless steel material and painting by the epoxy as per marine standard. The unit included integrated foam tank, foam mixing in-line inductor and foam monitor with necessary valves and pressure gauges. There is a possibility to provide it as manual operated and remote operated systems.

HPU with Electric Terminal Boxes

Hydraulic Power Units are designed and manufactured according to customer's specification for several system drives with different capacity. Main components are supplied well known manufacturers like as hydraulic pumps, valve blocks and necessary other parts of power pack.


Electric Terminal Boxes are designed and manufactured to controlling Hydraulic Power Units.

Palfinger Marine

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